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Signature Block Banner

Signature Block Banner

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The Signature Block Banner features our signature logo design, printed on a satin decal.

These decals are meant to be cut along the seams of your windshield (using a boxcutter), therefore, they are printed in a larger size to fit most vehicles.

*If you have an American muscle car (e.g. Cameros & Mustangs), be sure to order the 60x9" size!

  • 52x10 inches
  • 60x10 inches
  • Satin material
  • #91andUP


Due to the many factors that go into a successful installation, we cannot guarantee any warranties, or reimbursement, for any faulty installation. We highly advise to look up how to successfully install windshield banners on YouTube before doing so. For this reason, all banner sales are final. Regardless, reach out to us if you have any trouble.

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